August 13, 2021

Episode 94: How being too nice can affect your mental state.


I am delighted to have you join us today!

Please allow me to introduce you to Dr. Marcia Sirota is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing in Toronto, Canada. She has more than 25 years of mental health experience and specializes in wellness, healing trauma, unblocking creativity, and supporting people to become their best selves. She is the founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute, which promotes empowerment and self-awareness. She is a podcaster, the author of 5 books, and an instructor of several online courses. Her most recent book is “Be Kind, Not Nice: How to Stop People-Pleasing, Build Your Confidence and Discover Your Authentic Self. In her spare time, she enjoys fiction writing, yoga, spoiling her cats, and working out.


You can find Dr. Marcia Sirota on the following page at

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Mo Akins

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