June 11, 2021

Episode 85: My Journey to Kam-eli Yoga

I am delighted to have you join us today!
Please allow me to introduce you to Eternity Philops (she/they/Mx.), founder of and creator of Kamili Yoga™.
A Black queer Yoga educator who has taught hundreds of students through a wide assortment of
community classes, university courses, private sessions, and wellness retreats, she used to not know a
downward dog from an awkward push-up.
When Eternity Yoga's journey began, she actually had no desire to become a Yoga teacher, making this
path travelled nothing short of kismet.
In this episode we discuss some of the following:
  • What is Kame-eli Yoga?
  • Why did my guest feel there was a need to create Kamili Yoga?
  • Discuss some of the misconceptions & benefits of practicing Yoga.
You can find Eternity on her website at https://kamiliyoga.com/
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Best Health,
Mo Akins

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