September 11, 2020

Episode 46: Sexual Health: Toxic Masculinity

Welcome, we are delighted to have you join us today!

Today's episode our guest is Steffo Shambo who provides insight on his view on the term toxic masculinity. 

Finding his purpose to be of service to men in this world, started already at a very young age. As a boy, Steffo was always intrigued by the mysterious and unknown. His questions concerning the nature of reality, Truth, and the meaning of life led him to leave his home country of Sweden in search of answers at the young age of 22.

Steffo created the Tantric Academy of Sacred Sexuality. At the academy, Steffo hosts a mentorship program called the Tantric Man Experience. Through this program, he strives to empower men to realize and tap into their full masculine confidence, intimate power, and their ability to connect with themselves and their partner on a deeper level than ever before. Throughout his years of experience in hosting this mentorship, he has helped hundreds of men from all around the world to master their sexual energy and save their relationship or attract their dream partner.

He can be found online on Instagram @ Steffo Shambo

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